pictures of my life

Ricky the Rocker? “This is what I look like when I play with Rocking Tigers – a rock’n roll band that started in the 70-es and gets an occasional revival. The band plays covers of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and other oldies. As a teen-ager I disliked my own name a lot. I’d much rather be called Ricky Flame.”


Commune: “We lived in an extended household for five years. In the beginning we were six grown-ups and one child. When we split up, we were thirteen people. This kind of life gave us immensely much. The reason we decided to go back to smaller family units again was that we didn’t spend enough “quality time” together as grown-ups when our children arrived.”


Young-emar: “I grew up in Stockholm. This was in 1950 or ’51, with mother Wenley, father Herbert and sister Margareta. My mother sang and played the piano and my father played the mandoline, so yes, I got the music in the blood.”


True love. “Kristina and I got married in 1973. Many marriages nowdays don’t last for 30 years. But all my travelling means that in real time we’ve only been married for 15 years …”

On the Road. “Here I am, in a genuine Trabant of old DDR.”


A Constant Tour

Ricky Flame – would he make it on the Swedish top ten? The artist Ingemar Olsson certainly does without any artist’s name. His most recent album is entitled Verkligheten är större (Reality is greater). Here Ingemar shares a number of pictures from his own reality.

Pictures of My Life

Name: Ingemar Herbert Paul Olsson
(“For many years I was very proud of my middle name Paul.”)
Age: 55
Family: Wife Kristina and grown-up children Emily, Jonatan and Magdalena.
Professional activity:” CDs & tours.”
Leasure time activities: “Trying to go swimming once a week. Love skiing, canoeing and windsurfing. Most often I have to be content with a long walk.”
Relationship to the camera: “Only in front of it and never quite comfortable. I’m not for paparazzi’s, but I’d rather be photographed without notice.”

NYtraffic (1)

New York. “This must have been ’95, when I was writing lyrics for the ‘Round the Corner’ album. New York is an exciting city with music in every corner.”


Family man. “This was in 1980 when we had moved to Örebro, where we still live. Since I travel so much, I really appreciate a permanent home address. The children are, left to right Emily, Jonatan and Magdalena.”


Ingemar today. “My wife and I in our garden. The kids moved out and we started anew as a couple. Then the children started coming back and we sometimes feel like living in a commune again…”


Moçambique. “It may have been 1994? I had been in Johannesburg recording. Then I worked for an aid program with Scandinavian youth in Moçambique. If you see it historically, the roots for my music are in Africa – with a long detour across America.”


Media man. “This must have been in 1975. I appeared on a TV show hosted by Tommy Körberg – “Kika digga ding”. I did a number of my own songs and a duet with Tommy from the “Godspell” musical.


Early appearance “A magazine picture right before my first TV-appearance. I also wore this scarf on my first album cover in 1970.”

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