Brexit – a rash divorce
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I think the English regret their decision!


They asked for a divorce. But what they really only meant was to make a statement,  Their marriage didn’t work exactly like they wanted. Now they wanted to make that very clear to the other part. Their frustration must be expressed in some way, so they demanded a referendum, a popular vote. I think that they actually wanted to stay married, but that they wanted to show their discontent with the present situation.  51% for and 49% against had been perfect. But that’s not what happened.

What Great Britain actually wanted, was to receive fewer refugees.

They were upset that the EU was unable to co-ordinate a reasonable reception of refugees among the member states. This was a detail in the married life that took on enormous proportions.

One can easily recognize this psychological reaction from som many marriages. Someone who has been married for 43 years, knows that it’s in reality impossible to separate completely. There are far too many tight bonds between the two.  If you have children together, if you share the same economy and geography (!), it’s inevitable: You are and will always be united – like it or not. GB “got married” to the EU in 1973 … after a  l-o-n-g engagement.

This relationship will be hard to break. Shakespeare talked about being “sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought”.

Now both Great Britain, the EU and other relatives and friends are in a state of chock. This is obvious in many ways.

Other countries are also talking about a divorce.

Swedish lefties (V) and nationalists (SD) want to see a Swexit – that Sweden also leaves the EU. This is of course just as stupid as the British Brexit. As a matter of fact even more foolish. Sweden is a small country, extremely dependant on its export. Nobody is strong all alone. And being small makes you weaker yet. Sweden became a member of the EU in 1995 and has since then been able to have an influence upon Europe regarding environment, human rights and many other issues. And the trade has flourished. Sweden and Great Britain has shared many views upon many issues, which makes it extra painful for us Swedes, that this threat for a divorce unfortunately lead to an actual request for an exit.


The only hopeful sign is that many Brits actually feel the same! Maybe too late … or maybe not. I know some married couples who were divorced and then remarried again.

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