RELEASED: April 13, 1986
ARTIST: Ingemar Olsson
LABEL: little beat records
PRODUCER: Ingemar Olsson
Live in Europe

Ingemar Olsson Live in Europe

One Man, One Band
and a Thousand Voices

Recorded live: Stockholm Concert Hall, April 13
Year: 1986
Record Company: little beat records
Producer: Ingemar Olsson
Engineer: Conny Ebegård
Drums: Per Lindvall
Guitar: Henrik Janson, Janschie Börjesson, Ingemar Olsson
Bass: Teddy Walter
Keyboards: Peter Ljung, Michael Winterquist
Horns: Per Bejstam, Ulf Bejstam, Stefan Jansson

1000 Voices : GA, tohether with singers from 20 youth choirs

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